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Teaching Your Hormones To Help You To Lose Weight! Must Watch!

     A lot of us likes to eat a lot, especially when the food that is served in front of us looks so appetizing and good, and that makes us tend to eat too much which causes obesity in some of us. Congratulations to those who have a fast metabolism, but to those who aren't lucky to have it, and has a slow metabolism that's a bit sad.     Even if we exercise, it takes a lot of time and effort just to lose a few pounds, and that's what is demotivating us. The fact that we took time and effort to push ourselves, sometimes it just ain't enough, and the result that we wanted is far from our reach.

     However, the experts doesn't really believe about obesity, eating too much, and all that what nots. These experts have stated that the increase food intake and the decrease of the exercise is just secondary to the changes in the function of the human hormones.

     The meaning to that is that we ain't really getting fat because we over eat, it's we're eating more because we're getting fat. If you don't get it then here's a sample.

  • A eats a lot but ain't turning obese.
  • B is eating a lot because she knows that she's fat, and that's why she's eating more, because she thought that she ain't eating enough for her body, and that makes her fatter.

Get it now? If yes, then that's good, and if no, then you're a lost cause.

     Anyways, science as we all know has been revolving a lot and is uncovering several links between hunger, female hormones, weight loss, and fat metabolism. Below are the hormones that is responsible in controlling a person's hunger and weight loss.


     A lot of you would be familiar with Insulin as a term related to Diabetes. This determines whether the blood sugar is used for immediate energy or is stored as fat. Your Insulin Level depends on how you eat or what you eat, and when you eat too many carbohydrates, the excess insulin that was produced is cannot be absorbed by the cells in your body and thus the liver will convert the excess insulin into fat.


     This is also known as the stress hormone. This can affect the blood sugar, it can also regulate your metabolism, and also controls the water and the salt balance in your body. Whenever you are stressed, the cortisol encourages the body to store fat around the vital organs in the body, and this process can release dangerous fatty acids into the blood which raises your cholesterol and insulin levels.


     This is the hunger hormone which is related directly towards body fat, and obesity. This hormone is from the fat cells and was released with lots of powers that it will have a long term effect on you. This makes you need to eat a lot more.

     That's why you should make sure that the food that you're eating doesn't have excess fat, and avoid getting stressed too, and try not to eat a lot. One thing that could actually help you is to drink 1-2 glass of water before eating so that you'll feel quite full before you eat.

For more information about this topic, watch the video below!

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