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Tips On How Not To Cry When Chopping Onions!

     Having trouble in chopping onions because every time you chop them, your eyes gets irritated which causes you to tear a bit? Worry no more as we're here to give you some tips on how you can prevent yourself from crying whenever you're chopping onions!

We recommend you to try these tips in order to prevent yourself from crying!

Use a Sharp Knife

     It is highly recommended to use a very sharp knife to chop onions so it would not squeeze its juices which releases the chemical irritant that make the glands in our eyes release tears.

Try Chewing a Gum

     While chopping onions, you can try and chew on some gum to prevent eye irritation because it forces you to breathe through your mouth. It can break down the irritant into smaller amount when it reaches the glands in the eye that causes irritation by the enzymes produced by the onion.

Dip The Onion In the Water

     By dipping it down in the water, you can reduce the production of the irritant enzymes of the onions as it gets washed off into the water. Not only does it prevent you from tears, it can also bring out the true natural flavor of the onions.

Switch on the Cooling Fan

     Switching on the cooling fan can blow off the irritant enzymes that is produced by the onions in different directions, and that can prevent those chemicals from going in to your eyes directly.

Light a Candle

    Try to light a candle while chopping onions. The fire from the candle needs oxygen causing to suck the air around its area including the enzymes produced by the onions.

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