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8 Dangerous Habits That Could Cause Brain Damage That You Need To Avoid At All Costs!

  human being can't live without a brain, since the brain orders the other organs on how they should function, so if our brain ain't working well, the organs can stop working correctly and malfunction like any other appliances at your home will, and you probably don't want that to happen to you.    We all know that a  In this article, we're going to tackle about these 8 Dangerous Habits that could cause a person brain damage, and that you should avoid since it is dangerous for your brain. So we'll tackle them one by one below, and make sure to read them all, okay?

8 Brain Damaging Habits That a Lot of Us Keeps on Doing

1. Skipping or Missing Out Breakfast

     When it comes to our brain's health, skipping or missing out on eating breakfast is not a good habit at all. Here's a bit of a trivia! Did you know that eating breakfast every single day can actually help you to avoid having or suffering a stroke? Now, you know, so you shouldn't really skip on eating breakfast from now on!

     Also the Blood Pressure drops after you eat your breakfast and thus it can also reduce the risk of having a brain hemorrhage.

2. Cellphone Radiation Can Cause Brain Cancer

     There has been an on-going debate as to whether the radiation from the cellphones or the electronic devices that we use in this era can actually cause cancer. And that, these scientists actually conducted a trial test on rats, and they found out that there is an increase risk of getting tumors in the brain and also the heart.

     You might say, 'but those are rats', and thus we'll say, so what if those were rats, would you actually  do and take the risk of getting a brain cancer? So we suggest that you should at least move your phone away from you like an arms length away so that there's space between you and your phone whenever you go sleep.

3. Overeating of Fat Can Cause Damage to the Brain

     If you're a vegetarian then you're fine, but if you're a meat lover, may it be pork, beef, chicken, or fish then you need to read this one. Scientists have discovered that fatty foods can actually rewire the brain and that can start you to start craving for foods that is actually high in fat.

     So to those people who regularly eats fatty food, then soon they'll develop a defect in their brains that can send signals to them that they should continue eating fatty foods,  even though the person is feeling full already and that my dear readers can actually result in getting obese and also having health problems.

4. Lacking of Social Integration

     Psychologists stated that our brains functions at its best when there are opportunities in which you can socialize with other people, and therefore if you lack social contact with the people around you or the other people, then you might be having a depression anxiety, and since you've been feeling lonely, if can affect you to not remember some things.

5. Sleep Deprivation

     Oh, this surely is one of those Main problems for this era. You can be sleep deprived because of problems such as in your school, your work place, or even your relationship with someone special. This one can actually physically damage your brain, so we suggest that you should have plenty of sleep and rest because when we sleep our cell structures in our brain flushes out the toxins that have been built up during the day which is good.

6. Smoking

     Smoking as we all know is one of the bad vices since before, and up until now that is. Smoking can damage your brain and so as the other organs in your body, such as your lungs. Smokers normally experience a drop in their dopamine function in their brain and thus it can lead to the addiction and this increases the chance of having a relapse when a person tries to quit smoking.

     So the earlier the better to stop, or just flatly don't smoke at all. You're wasting your own life, the environment, and also those that are around you who can breath the smoke that you're producing, so quit it out as early as possible.

7. Sugar Overdose

     Too much sugar can have a long term effect on our brain and also in our behavior, and reducing your sugar intake to a minimum amount has a lot of health benefits, plus it can help you keep your brain to function well. So please if you like sugar so much, try to minimize it, as it can even cause you health risks such as diabetes.

8. Too Much Alcohol Consumption

    It's okay if you're a moderate drinker, or an occasional drinker, but if you consume too much alcohol and you keep on drinking everyday then the alcohol will affect your brain in a lot of ways such as having an impaired memory, and even slow reaction times. Plus drinking too much alcohol can even give you health diseases.

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