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BEWARE: If You Have This Plant In Your House, Immediately Remove Them!

     A lot of people, especially those who likes greens such as plants as their decoration, have been using different kinds of plants so that they could make their house more homey and welcoming to people who visits their home, plus its a good starting conversation topic when the visitors see interesting stuffs.      However, you should be aware of the plants that you have in your house as decoration, as it could be the cause of your death, since some plants can actually kill you or end you in an instant. Nope, we ain't scaring you, we're warning you to be really picky when it comes to plants for decoration inside of your house.

     The plant that we're referring is called "Dieffenbanchia" which is also known as the Dumb Cane. It is a house plant that has a straight stem, and has large leaves with a really cool pattern, since it has white spots in it, and flecks that can draw the attention of your visitors.

     This plant is actually common on the green market, and a lot of people buy this kind of plant since its cool to the eyes, but despite of having beautiful leaves and simple structures, it can be poisonous. Poisonous in terms of eating its leaves,  stalk, or roots of the Dumb Cane.
     This is because of its high Oxalic Acid and Asparagine, which is a protein that is found in the plant. Of course, you won't eat it since now you know that you shouldn't eat it, we're quite focusing on the children who might be running around the house, curiously tearing some leafs of it and accidentally chew it because of their curiosity.

     The symptoms of poisoning from this plant includes having abdominal pain, burns in which the acid has touched the skin, convulsions, shock, mouth pain, and even vomiting. Make sure that you don't have this plant around your house, and be careful!

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