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Do You Bite Your Tongue When You're Sleeping! Check This Out!

     So since you've decided to click on this article, you're probably been worrying about yourself if you're okay or not since you're biting your tongue when you're sleeping, and is probably been wondering what it could mean, or if you are sick, etc.
     First of all tongue biting is a common problem. A lot of people bite their tongues while they're eating, speaking, and even sleeping, but biting your tongue whenever you're sleeping is a bit irritating and nerve wracking as to why you're doing that and the pain in your tongue is frustrating you.

     Normally the damage that is done to the tongue is quite visible. People who bite their tongue while sleeping commonly bites it on the tip or on the sides of the tongue, this can happen or start ever since you are young, and it could also start at your teenage years or adult phase of your life. Severe tongue biting problems can actually lead to tongue scalloping, soreness of your tongue, and even ulcer. Some can even feel a bit of pain whenever they're speaking or eating.

     You must have noticed that when you wake up, you feel some pain on your tongue every morning or a sore tongue after when you wake up, and you'd probably asked "why am I biting my tongue while sleeping?". This is a severe and a common question in which a lot of people need to know more about biting your tongue while sleeping.

What are the Causes of Biting the Tongue When You're Sleeping?

     It is normal to bite your tongue while sleeping, but if it becomes a frequent scenario, then there's a problem already. 

1. Disproportional Size of the Tongue

     Your tongue is bigger than it should be.

2. Rhythmic Disorder

      This involves the banging of the head, rocking and rolling. This is normally common in children, and doesn't always result to having injuries, but when this got severe, it can lead to injuries and biting in the tongue.

3. Nocturnal Seizures

     If you have a tonic - clinic seizure then it is likely to have some parts in your tongue that aches especially the sides of it and this is a result of frequently biting the tongue without your own consent. We all know that being in a seizure is a state in which a person who lost consciousness, can have jerking movements, and also stiffening in the muscles. Some of these seizures might be calm and some are harder to be noted.

4. Sleep Bruxism

     Sleeping Bruxism or Teeth grinding can also be a cause because in most cases, this is accompanied by other disorders in sleeping such as sleep apnea that causes pauses in breathing. Snoring can also be a problem when it comes with teeth grinding.

     There's also other causes of tongue biting and that includes swollen tongue ulcers, tobacco chewing, Lyme disease, and side effects of some medications.

So, how do we Treat it?

1. Cognitive Behavior Therapy

     This is recommended for those who have sleep apnea, or those with rhythmic movements.

2. Brain Wave Monitoring
     This is recommended for those who has seizures.

3. Night Mouth Guard

     These are plastic mouth appliance that is made to fit over the teeth. These are meant to reduce the effect or the pressure of the teeth that could damage the tongue than it should be.

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