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Do You Sweat a Lot? Then THIS CAN SOLVE Your Problem!

     Excessive sweating is also called as "Hyperhidrosis", and this is a very common problem for some of us. The most common locations in which the hyperhidrosis occurs normally includes the palms, armpits, soles of feet, face, back and even the abdomen area of the body.     This problems is very distressing to a lot, and can have a serious impact in our lives. Some affected people avoids social contact with others because of the embarrassment of getting seen with those excess sweat. However this condition is usually treatable so you don't need to worry.

There are a lot of treatment options that you can use to prevent excessive sweating and here are those treatment options:

     - Use soap that contains moisturizer, ointment, or cream in its ingredients. If you find that the soaps you have been using can actually irritate your skin then please change those immediately.
  - Avoid eating spicy foods which can cause excessive sweating. There are foods that can cause excessive sweating so before eating spicy foods, better check out what's good or not for you.

     - Apply antiperspirants in your armpit regularly everyday after you bath.

     - If possible, wear loose clothing under the armpits.

     - Change your socks at least twice a day if you are experiencing excessive feet sweating.

     - Use an absorbent foot powder twice a day.

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