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Eating Kangkong Can Kill You Anytime?! Check Here Why!

   Almost all Filipinos love Kangkong or Water Spinach, as it be used in any dish such as stir fry, adobo, or even sinigang. Kangkong is one of the Filipino's favorite green leafy vegetable and it's even considered as a superfood because of its numerous nutrients and vitamins.

     But, there has been a recent study that shows that Kangkong actually belongs to a noxious weed family which is a bit alarming. Noxious as in harmful, or poisonous. Most Noxious weeds have been in our ecosystem for centuries which are ignored and mismanaged. Normally these weeds grow aggressively, and multiplies quickly without getting controlled by someone.

There are things that you should know about Kangkong:
  • Be careful on how you cook it or even eat it as it can cause Fasciolopsiasis which is a condition that is caused by the Fasciolopsis buski, or a large parasitic intestinal fluke which is found as larval cysts that normally lives on Kangkong and other water vegetables.
  • Don't eat raw Kangkong.
  • Fry or Broil Kangkong properly before serving.

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