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Here's What You Need To Know When You Make Love During Pregnancy!

Many are confused if it is safe to make l0ve during pregnancy. The answer is, yes. If and only if your pregnancy is healthy. There is no reason for you and your partner to make love even though you are pregnant.

Your baby is safe because of the amniotic sac and also the strong muscles that a pregnant woman has.
The private part of your partner won’t harm the baby. However, you’ll feel your baby move if you reached the climax of making love. But you don’t have to worry so much, this is all because your baby is reacting to the pound of your heart.

Here are things that you need to know when you make love when you are pregnant:

1. It’s okay!

– If your pregnancy is healthy, it is okay to make love. If making love has benefits in your body, it does not make any difference when you are pregnant.
2. This may lessen your drive

– If making love during pregnancy will make your drive low, don’t worry. This is just because of what you feel during pregnancy like, nausea, back pain and hemorrhoids.

3. Your baby is gonna be fine!

– Your baby just don’t know what it going on with you. Just like what is stated above – because of the amniotic sac that is filled with fluid above that makes your baby safe.

4. You might say that you had the best love making time with your partner! EVER.

– You might enjoy your love making time with your partner because of the extra blood in your pelvic area. The estrogen increases during pregnancy which is why other women say that it makes them more sensitive.
5. Baby will be less active

– Your baby will be less active especially after you make love. Why? The movement will make your baby layoff to sleep. However, the mother should always take notice on the movement of the baby. If your baby might decrease its movement even if you did not made love, better yet consult your doctor.

6. Oral love making will be enjoyed

– Yes! You can enjoy love making orally. However, you should take note that the man should not blow air to the private part of the woman because it can block the blood vessel. It may put your baby and your wife to a life-threatening situation.

7. Cramps may occur

– Spasm and love making may make your uterus cramp. All you have to do is to take it easy, then the cramping will fade away. You should still call your doctor if you are still worried.

8. You can’t make love in some circumstances

– Making love is really fine unless in some cases, doctors will tell you to abstain. This is because your doctor may put your pelvic to rest if some cases your cervix is opening.
9. You can do any position you wish to do

– Any position is okay but you might find some positions distressing. Finding a comfortable position that will make the both of you enjoy!

10. If you’re overdue, love making might urge labor

– If you are near to your labor, making love might induce labor. Even though there is no sure thing that making love will release propagandist to urge labor.

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