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The Foods You Have To AVOID While On Your Period! Must Read!

That certain point of the month when you have your period can be characterized as disturbing at best and downright scary at worst. Symptoms such as depression or irritation, bloating and mood swings, breast tenderness, and even painful cramps are common. While you are having your period it’s important to take care of yourself and give your body the nutrition it needs. When you're focusing on lean proteins and fiber, you can help regulate your blood sugar levels  and replenish your body’s supply of iron.

Staying healthy while on your period means eating healthy. That also means avoiding foods that might worsen your symptoms. Here are five examples below of foods you should avoid while on your period:

#1 Processed Foods

– Generally speaking, processed canned foods contain very high levels of sodium. Excessive levels of sodium cause increased water retention that can lead to additional bloating.

#2 Fatty Meats

– High saturated fats contained in fatty meats can cause inflammation and pain that will worsen the effects of menstrual cramps. Instead of pork or beef, try eating fish and lean meats during your period.

#3 Commercial Baked Goods 

– Baked goods contain large amounts of trans-fats that can increase estrogen levels in women. This increased hormone production can lead to sharp pains inside the uterus.
#4 Caffeine 

– Caffeinated food and drinks are stimulants that can lead to irregular periods and increased cramping. Other side effects of caffeine intake during periods are sleeping difficulties, agitated mood swings, and even additional menstrual cramping pain.

#5 Alcohol – Alcoholic drinks act as blood thinners, increasing your flow which can lead to additional discomfort. The consumption of alcohol can also increase cramping due to dehydration and affect mood swings leading to depression.

Let’s face it, being on your period can be miserable. The good news is that by avoiding certain foods you can help lessen the symptoms you experience.

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