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The Reason Why This Video Goes Viral Is Shocking

Shocking video of a man and woman who got stocked in the middle of the highway goes viral.

Just this afternoon I witnessed a very sweet crossing! ❤ The story is kunwari nasiraan sila ng motor sa gitna mismo ng crossing and then tinitekitan na sila cause they're causing heavy traffic while the girl is so nervous and worried at the same time and then boom! The guy knelt on his one knee..and asked the sweetest question the girl could ever heard from her man.. One of the CCTMO told us that the guy together with his co-riders went to their office this morning i guess to ask for their help (kinuntyaba baga heheh). 😄??❤ #lovelovelove 😊❤ Sorry for the low quality.
Posted by Regina Marie Verano on Saturday, October 29, 2016

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