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4 Reasons Why You Should Pee While Taking A Bath!

     A lot of people are urinating while they are taking a shower, but some people are not. For some reasons, to those people who does regularly is doing a good thing, and did you know that even doctors recommend on doing it. Here are the reasons on why you should pee while taking a bath:

Save the planet

     The Agency for Environmental Protection in the USA claims that urinating while taking a shower saves 27% of water as you're not flushing the toilet bowl. If all the people do this, it could save a lot of water everyday or even years.


     Urine contains a substance that can be an excellent remedy to rashes or eczema. Urea is the one of the main ingredient in many creams and oils for skin care products. It'll help you restore the pH balance of your skin.

Disinfect your wounds
     The fresh urine that you extract to your body can help you disinfect your scars or scratches. It will clean the wound and helps to relax the tissues and relieve the pain. But if the wound is deeper you should visit a doctor near you for cleaning and medication purposes.

Eliminate fungal infection

     If you are experiencing fungal infection on your feet or toes, your urine can help to solve your problem. Do it regularly for best results.

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