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A Baby Was Born Dead Already But After 15 Minutes a Miracle Happened! Must Watch!

     A Doctor in a public hospital in Batangas shared her patient's amazing story on her Facebook Account. It was the story of Baby Maria Teresa.

     She was a doctor whose on duty for 48 hours straight, she had no time to eat food, a little time of sleep, and the long journey towards the hospital that she works on. Because there's too many patients in the whole hospital, she had to attend to them. From the Emergency Room, to the Ward Managements, to Minor Surgeries, Giving Birth, Out Patient Department, and the lists goes on.     But, even though it was tough, she was glad that she can help her fellow Filipino's especially the poor ones. She did thought of quitting because of the hardships that she felt, but a special day came in which she had a 48 hours shift that day, and around 5:40 in the morning a nurse came in to ask her to attend a woman whose trying to give birth since 2 in the morning (which makes it almost 4 hours already). The nurse said that the baby was in a Breech Presentation, which means that the baby's shoulder are the ones that came out first.

     She ran out of her room and went to the E.R. while asking god about her situation, until she saw the patient, 20 years old, 42 weeks post term, what's alarming is that the water bag has been broken and the baby has already pooped inside. She tried her best to pull out the baby carefully, but saw that the baby ain't moving. There were no heartbeat, and the baby's pure white. She decided that she needs to revive the baby until 15 minutes. CPR, suctioning, they've tried everything, until the baby started to breath.

     Everyone in the room was tearing up, and the doctor was thanking Mother Teresa, in which the mother's baby got her name, because of the miracle that she gave to them that day. Watch the videos below to know more about this touching story!

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