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Does your Monthly Period Blood Smells Bad? Check Here the Reasons & How You Can Deal With It!

     A woman's red days period, a.k.a. monthly period can be very annoying at times. It gets painful this month and then the next month it gets too heavy, or too minimal. Plus the mood swings that it can cause before or now or after your monthly period. Aside from having your period, sometimes it can cause an awful smell which makes it hard for you.     Did you know that you should actually pay attention to your period blood's smell? It can tell you something about your body, and below are the reasons why your period blood smells bad!

Air Blockage

     This happens because of your sanitary napkins or tampons which blocks the moisture a lot more which makes it smell bad. Sample is, you didn't have a break for a 5hrs class and you needed to attend and stay for that whole period or work for 5 hrs straight without any cr break, you would notice that your period blood, along with the napkin or the tampon smell can suck quite badly. It's recommended to take a few breaks every now and then and change those napkins and tampons a lot of times like 2-3 hrs so that it won't smell.


     This happens because of the fungus in the uterus lining. During the menstruation period, the uterus sheds its lining together with the fungus which makes it smell foul. Plus the period on how long you actually wear the napkins and tampons can cause more bacteria to build up, so its better to change napkins or tampons every few hours.
Moisture Retention

     The vagina gets extra moisture when it comes to menstruation period, which can cause that fishy bloody smell whenever you have your period. It's much more recommended to wash your (you know what) with soap and clean water, plus change your napkins and tampos every few hours and also your pants or shorts that you're wearing for like 4-6 hours interval, especially when you're doing some physical activities such as sports.

pH Balance

     When a female enters their monthly period, it increases the pH level in their body, which makes the blood that they release less acidic, which makes the bacteria to form and that results to having a foul and bad smell. Again we recommend to wash yours with soap and water then change your napkins 2-3 hours interval.

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