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Here's Why You Suddenly Wake Up When You're About To Fall Asleep...So Bizarre!

Just when you're getting a good sleep, your body swiftly jerks you wide awake. Have you ever questioned why that happens? Like you have been asleep for 5 or 10 minutes, and you're jerked up, and it's not even because of a dream! Probably you have encountered this as well. It may not be a very unusual phenomenon, but it's definitely freaky to find out the real cause behind it.

Check it out here. You've probably experienced this a lot of times. No need to worry, it happens with the most of us.

It's a phenomenon called as the hypnic jerk or sleep start.

It's pretty tough defining this term because scientists are still figuring out the details behind it.
It mostly occurs when you're really exhausted and you fall asleep quickly.

During sleep, the body's vital parameters like heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure begin to drop and stay at a lower level the entire duration of sleep.
So what happens when we fall asleep very quickly?

The body isn't prepared to take the sudden drop in our parameters and hence, mistakes it for 'dying'.

Yes, the inner centers of our brains actually think that we're dying. Due to the sudden lowering of our parameters, the brain starts to think that they've become lower because we're going through organ failure.

But that's not the case.

Hence, the brain immediately alters some chemicals and hormones in the body so that we're jerked awake. The jerking wakes up could be due to anything.

Usually, people get aggressive dreams like they're falling from a height or meeting with some imminent dangers.
Hypnic jerks happen due to sleep deprivation, stress and lack of rest. Although, the occurrence of hypnic jerks don't harm you in any way but if it gets too frequent, you will have to check your lifestyle.

Check out this video to know more about hypnic jerks.

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