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If Your Wrist Bone Looks Similar To This, Here What It Means!

Have you ever question why you get goosebumps if gets cold? Of course, the human body is a place to several untold mysteries, development for instance.

We all know who our ancestors were, to a pretty much extent. Knowing more about our ancestors can actually support us take better care of our bodies. Some of our bodily characteristics are associated to the animals we are descendants of. Some of those are mentioned here.

Here's how you can know what ancestor you belong to:

Place your arm on a flat surface. Bring your thumb and pinky finger close and tip your hand slightly up. If there's a raised band...

It's a VESTIGIAL muscle in your arm! The lifted part is a tendon missing in about 15% humans.

It is called the Palmaris longus. Vestigial organs based on our ancestors. If Palmaris longus is present in the body, it means the ancestor mammals used all four legs for their everyday chores.
The reason behind goosebumps...

It's the contracting muscles. When the muscles surrounding the hair contract in the cold, the skin above the hair follicle rises and creates a bump. This happens to animals too! The raised hair increases the space for the amount of insulation in furry mammals.

Check out the video below.

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