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This Is The Morning Secret Every Guy Is Hiding From His Girl!

Do you believe that only ladies can sneak a lot regarding themselves? No, boys too have several secrets affiliated with them. Be them the unknown thoughts flowing in their mind or the deep emotions. Among these things, there is one morning secret of boys that no woman knows about.
So girls, time to know that secret. Check it out!

The secret is the urge and enthusiasm that boys have to make l0ve with their spouse early morning.

It is called 'morning wood' and medically distinguish as Nocturnal Penile Tumescence (NPT).

This situation is normally invoked by $*xual fantasies that they dream of. This sense is considered to get lower down when the male is in his 60s or 70s.
The reason behind this 'morning wood' is brain control.

It is found that in day hours, men control their feelings at arousal point but at night when brain sleeps, men can finally work on their will freely.

Hormones are also considered to play a role in this as the testosterone levels tend to be higher in  the morning.
Blood flow can also trigger a raging boner.

Physical stimulation,any brushing or touch sensation adds a bit too to the urge. On a better side, having hard on your man's side means it is time for kids!

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