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This Is What The Color And Smell Of Your Poop Tell About Your Health

The topic might seem awkward to you as many find talking about poop as the most unpleasant subject in the world. But it's the most interesting topic to talk on and why shouldn't it be? 
After all, your day starts with it and reading about the origin and the consequences leading to those floating items inside the toilet hole is so damn interesting. More importantly, what you deposit daily in the toilet can tell a lot about what's going inside your body.

The shape & size, color, and the smell of your stool are a tell-tale sign of your internal health. 

Type 1- Small, hard lumpy stool

This type of poop indicates acute dysbacteriosis that is caused due to inflammation of the small intestine. As when it is scratchy and hard, it turns out to be painful while it coming out.
Type 2- Sausage shaped stool with lumps

This type of poop often occurs when you go through constipation, and stool remains in your intestinal tract for several weeks.

Type 3- Sausage shaped stool but with cracked surface

This type of poop is similar to the second type of poop, but the only difference is that it processes faster than the second type.

Type 4- Sausage or snake type of stool with smooth and soft surface
This type of stool is pretty much close to the perfection and indicates that it is of someone who defecates for once daily.

Type 5- Soft blobs of stool with clear-cut edges

This type of stool is soft, and that's why it passes smoothly while defecating. It indicates that the person excretes two or three times daily.

Type 6- Fluffy stool with ragged edges

This type of poop is most soft in texture. It indicates that the person is going through high blood pressure and stress.

Type 7- Diarrhea type of stool- loose
Kids and the elderly often experience this type of stool. It is somewhat same like ordinary diarrhea but in real is called as paradoxical diarrhea.

And what does the smell of your poop tells about you....? Do you know why does your poop smell nasty?

Poop never smells nice but smelling insanely nasty is something really dangerous and can be an indication of many severe problems like celiac disease, Crohn's disease, Pancreatitis, Cystic fibrosis.

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