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To All Women!! Here's 17 Problems That Can Bother Your V@gina And How To Spot Them!

The menstrual cycle is not the only thing bothering the vagina. Take a look at some of the other problems:

#1 You left something inside

The most popular thing that ladies forget inside is tampons. However, the bad smell soon rings the alarm. Diaphragms or s*x toys parts can also be left inside.
#2 You have a swelling

You shouldn’t panic. This is presumably by Bartolin gland, a painful swelling on the intimate part. It is very common and is usually treated with coverings.

You may also notice tiny subcutaneous tissues arising from clogged channels and pores. They are not harmful, but if they worsen, see your doctor.

#3 Hair follicles inflammation

Depilation, shaving, Jacuzzi or sweating often causes a sort of pimples. You should treat it with hot packs.

#4 Skin Problems

The skin in this part is delicate and it may be vulnerable to psoriasis, eczema and skin cancer in some cases. Regular checkups are recommended.

#5 Swollen vein near the vagina

Swollen veins usually happen during pregnancy, as stated by some doctors. They are primarily caused by long standing or long sitting on the toilet. They usually heal by themselves.

#6 Vaginal dryness

Allergens, breastfeeding, birth control pills can cause vaginal dryness. Consult a doctor or use a lubricant.
#7 You have discharge and feel itchiness

These are the first symptoms of fungal infection. Bathing suits, antibiotics or diabetes can deteriorate your pH level. Treat it with vaginal capsules or creams.

#8 White discharge with nasty smell

Ph imbalance can cause another issue known as vaginosis. Its symptoms are nasty smell accompanied with white discharge and burning sensation. It can be treated with v@ginal or oral medications.
#9 Itching and burning sensation

This can be a symptom of fungal infections or even STDs like syphilis, gonorrhea or Chlamydia. Don’t panic and get it tested.

#10 When the vagina is narrowing

Known as vaginismus, it is a painful condition in which the muscles contract and block the penetration. You should consult a doctor.

#11 You are not able to put a tampon

Some females are born with thick hymen. These women can’t have s*x or put a tampon. It is corrected surgically.

#12 Constant itchiness

Itching can be caused by variety of reasons like salt water, synthetic underwear, or new shower gel. However it can also be a sigh of STD. To be sure, douche with warm water only and if it doesn’t stop consult a doctor.

#13 Frequent need for toilet and burning sensation

It can be an infection of the urinary tract. It’s usually uncomfortable and transmitted s*xually. Treat it with antibiotics.
#14 You feel pain in your vagina

Painful intercourse may signify infection, dryness, endrometriosis or menstruation. Visit you gynecologist.

#15 You feel pain inside in your vagina

Pain may be a symptom of vulvodynia, which is a chronic pain easy to incite. Bleeding which is not menstrual. If you bleed after s*x, you need to address the issue. It can be caused by cancer, infection or dryness.

#16 Vaginal bubbles

This is usually a symptom of genital herpes or HPV. They are incurable, and you should be careful not to transmit them.

#17 Frequent pain, secretion, fever, and painful s*x

These are indicators of chlamydia and gonorrhea. If these symptoms are accompanied by frequent urination and vomiting, consult a doctor. If not treated they cause infertility.

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