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"STOP USING BABY WIPES!" This is According to the Doctors! Check Here Why!

     Baby Wipes have been used to homes to nurseries, and even schools. A lot of parents nowadays carry baby wipes in their bags to use them whenever their babies need a diaper change, and for emergency cleanups, some hospital staffs have also been using baby wipes.

     Baby wipes is everywhere, but did you know that these disposable baby wipes are normally loaded with a lot of chemicals, even those "natural brands" that were saying they're made from natural ingredients, etc.     According from a recent research, baby wipes have made some children get painful, red rashes. This was a study in the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, in which they studied six children with severe red rashes.

      The first child was a girl who has rashes on her face and in her buttocks. The girl whose an 8-year-old has been treated with antibiotics and steroids, but after each treatment, the rashes would reappear.

     The Scientists however suspected that she might be suffering from an allergic reaction, so they asked her mother what she's been using to clean her daughter which was "baby wipes". Surprisingly when her mother stopped using baby wipes, her rashes disappeared.

    On the following 2 years, five more children were brought to the medical center with those similar rashes, and with those 5 cases, the mothers were also using baby wipes, so they advised them to stop using baby wipes, and thus there had been no more cases of rashes on the 5 children.

     One of the lead scientists in the study, Dr. Mary Wu Chang remembered on her previous case about a Belgian Man who had been having severe chemical and allergic reaction to methylisothiazolinone, which is the number one allergic reaction in not just children, but also to grown up people.

     There's also another dermatologist named Dr. Ellen Frankel, who agrees with Dr. Mary Wu Chang on telling parents that they shouldn't use baby wipes on their children. Methylisothiazolinone has been found in many brands already, and now their goal is to replace this harmful chemical to a more natural alternative.

     Yes, baby wipes are the most convenient way to keep your children clean, but risking your children to harm, isn't good. There's a lot of alternative solutions in cleaning your children, such as using a clean cloth that is dipped in lukewarm water.

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