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10 Scientifically Proven Spe rm Facts That Will Surely Blow Your Mind!

Sp3rms, they rarely needed an introduction. They are the main source of our existence. The male reproductive cell is developed in the test!cles and is released from the p3nis. The quality and quantity of sp3rm are the only deciding factors behind the fertility of a man.

You agree or not, but sperms are one of the most vital parts of the whole human mechanism and it is extremely important to have complete information about something that developed us into who we are.

#1 A large majority of them are abnormal!

Almost 90% of an ej!culat!on contains sp3rms that are malformed. Actually, they do not even need to be perfect as sp3rms of one person are not supposed to compete with those of another person.

#2 Sp3rms respond to the food a man eats!

Vitamin C is said to be very beneficial for sp3rm health. Also, the men who ate whole grain cereals are supposed to have more sp3rm concentration and motility.

#3 Father-son relationship!
The Y-chromosome is responsible for making every male a male. The Y-chromosome refuse to mix with any other chromosome.

#4 Man need to climax regularly for having healthy sperm!

A man needs to climax at least 4-5 times in a month to keep the quality of his sperms up.

#5 Sperms wear a casing!

The casing is called Acrosome. When the sperms hit the egg, acrosome releases a chemical that helps in melting down the outer shell of the egg to enter it.

#6 The eye-opener!

We carry this misconception that we are a sperm-egg combination. But, in reality, the DNA inside a dead sperm can also hit the egg and form a baby.
#7 Sperms can live for days and they love cold climate inside!

Sperms can live for 5 days inside a woman in ideal conditions. Also, the sperms love it cold, as they prefer to produce in a temperature 7 degrees lesser than the body temperature.

#8 Two-Third of the population of the United States!

A single ejaculation, which usually is of half a teaspoon, contains around 200 million sperms in it. That is equal to the population of Brazil!

#9 Lance Armstrong lost a testicle to Cancer, but still had two babies post that!
This proves that one testicle is enough to involve in a successful reproduction. The other testicle is just present as a compensation.

#10 Poor lifestyle choices have their own consequences!

The sperm health can seriously degrade if you are a chain smoker or if you consume alcohol in more than a limit. Share and teach your friends with the facts.

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