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Side Effects Of Drinking Too Much Coffee to Your Health & Body!

     Caffeine is a stimulant found in various foods, drinks and other products. I'ts commonly used to keep you stay awake and alert. Caffeine is technically a drug, and some of the most popular beverages such as coffee, tea, and soda have significant amounts of caffeine.
     Most of the people are always drinking coffee to increase their energy level. Instead of feeling energized, it will lead to crashing your energy and you can't get off the caffeine roller coaster.
     20% of population is very sensitive to too much caffeine. Even just a small amount of caffeine can set off an instant reaction.

Here are the common symptoms that too much caffeine can cause:
     - Feelings of nervousness
     - Anxiety
     - The jitters
     - Experiencing insomnia
     - Over thinking
     - Sweaty palms
     - Rapid speech

More sever reactions from too much caffeine:
     - Paranoia
     - Phobias
     - Muscular pain and tension including neck and back pain
     - Experiencing skin rashes and other allergic symptoms
     - Obsessive-compulsive behavior

     Try to avoid drinking coffee or drinks that contains too much caffeine. Consume more water to avoid these symptoms.

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